Long Shot by Sadie Shane


It was never my plan to make my living as an art thief.
I did it to survive, and it turned out I was damn good at it.
My black-market career has served me well, but it’s not what I want and now I can finally afford to put that life behind me.
But when my best friend is held up by mobsters for ransom, I’ll have to do one more job to buy her freedom.
The lead is a sure thing. At least that’s what I thought. But there’s something standing between me and my target and his name is Baron Rainier.


I’m finally home after two years spent hunting criminals overseas, and when Willa Osgoode drops into my life-literally-all I can think about getting her into my bed.
She needs cash fast, and I’m happy help if she’s willing to spend a night living out my fantasies in return.
It should be a simple trade, but the situation quickly goes from bad to worse and my unique skills make me the only one who can get her out of this mess.
Sure, facing off with the Czech mafia could get sticky, but I know I can handle them.
The real challenge will be handling her.

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